Dean Hole C of E

Primary School

Global Neighbours

We have helped people all over Africa by supporting the Toilet Twinning charity.

Voting for where to twin our toilets.
Our 4 twinned toilet locations.
Our Toilet Twinning presentation to the community.
Encouraging local groups to twin their toilets.
Singing the Toilet Twinning song to the community.
Chuch Christmas tree promoting Toilet Twinning.
Our Toilet Twinning themed decorations.

Our Toilet Twinning Presentation to the Community

Supporting Our Local Community

Planting vegetables to use in our school dinners.
Members of the village come and join us for dinner
Everyone can enjoy our vegetables.
We have a school Eco Team.
We do regular litter picks around our village.

Severn Trent Water taught us how to save water and keep it cleaner and safer for everyone to use

Trying to filter sewage!
We learnt to help by putting less down our sinks.

Learning About Our Global Neighbours

Display about Praying for the world
A display in church to think about clean water
Making African style toys from recycled materials.
Learning African dances.
Skype calls with new friends in Morocco.
Learning about other countries.